Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sindhu, my wife.

Sindhu is my wife of 25 years. She has been a remarkable woman in many ways. Though travelled much and seen the fairer sex of many nationalities , I am yet to see a woman more beautiful ,serene and even divine.She is my source of strength and at times the very purpose of my life.

She is remarkably intelligent , talented and matured in many ways. When we met in the early 80's , she was hardly a teenager and most certainly an extremely beautiful girl. Just, 17 and she was the college-beauty of the renowned College of Alleppey.She was also the student with the highest marks from her school for the matriculation examinations.Frankly, beside her, I always felt, I was near a Thulasi stem known for its purity.

She has been with me in my travails as a banking personnel in India and once abroad, in the exotic African country of Malawi. To our two children, Lavanya and Mithun she is a lovely mother.

All my peace and happiness are intricately linked to her and I feel proud of that.